Occucon 2018 Oration

Speakers of Occucon 2018

  • Dr. Tsuyoshi Kawakami
    Senior Specialist in Occupational safety, Health & Labor inspection
    ILO Decent Work team for South Asia


  • Pre Conference Workshops
  • Orations
  • Keynote Address
  • Scientific Sessions
  • Interactive Sessions
  • Debates
  • Medical Quiz
  • Round Table Meets
  • Panel Discussions
  • Paper/Poster Presentations
  • Question Answer Sessions
  • Myths & Facts
Tentative Scientific Topics
  • Basic Occupational Health Services
  • Occupational Diseases & Human Health
  • Occupational Medicine & Therapies
  • Occupational Hazards
  • Risk Assessments
  • Advanced Occupational Health Services
  • Current Issues in Occupational Health and Safety
  • Human factors and ergonomics
  • Agriculture Health and Safety
  • Chronic Diseases, Industrial Food Safety and Management
  • Occupational Optometry & Nursing
  • Occupational Psychology
  • Health CSR



  1. General.The INDIAN ASSOCIATION OF OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH-PUNE encourages high quality and relevant presentations of the latest research, policy developments, and interesting clinical cases at its annual Conference from 18 Jan 2018-21Jan 2018 at Pune. Authors who wish to present at the Conference, either an oral paper presentation (podium talk) or as a poster presentation, are requested to submit an abstract of their intended presentation for review by the Scientific Committee.

  3. Guidelines
    1. All persons desirous of presenting papers must have registered for the conference
    2. An individual is limited to two (2) oral/poster presentation during the meet.
    3. It is the responsibility of the first author to ensure that all submitted abstracts and presented material are properly cleared for public release.
    4. The authors may indicate a preference for oral or poster presentation, however the final format decision rests with the Scientific Committee.
    5. The first author of the abstract is normally the presenting author, and he/she bears responsibility for the content of the abstract and presentation. If a presentation is to be given by someone other than the first author, the Scientific Committee Chairman must be notified and permission sought.
    6. The language of the abstract would be English.
    7. The title of the presentation should be concise.
    8. The first title page of the abstract should contain the details of the presenting author, including full name of the authors, co-authors, institution, address for correspondence, telephone and mobile nos. and email (mandatory). Please see Appendix ‘A’.
    9. The abstract should not exceed 500 words. It should be typed in double spaced A4 sized page and text should be typed in Times Roman (font size 12) in word format. Please see attached form.
    10. Abstracts reporting original studies should be structured to include an Introduction, Methods, Results and Conclusions sections. Abstracts of clinical presentations and case histories may deviate from this format.

  5. Submission Process. Initially only abstract needs to be submitted.Abstracts must be submittedby email to occuconpapers2018@gmail.com. If selected, the full paper will be asked for along with copy of presentation and brief biodata of the presenter by the Scientific committee.

  7. Submission Dates.The last date for submission of the abstracts is 15 November 2017 by 1730h. No submission after this time will be entertained.

  9. Conflict-of Interest and Certification. The highest standard of ethics must be employed in the conduct and reporting of studies to be presented at the Conference. There must be no commercial promotion of products or procedures. Authors are required to declare all non-governmental or non-academic support or funding (for example, business or commercial support) for the work upon which the presentation is based. Certificate by authors to be submitted as given in Appendix ‘B’.

  11. Selection Criteria. The abstracts will be accepted as award papers/ poster paper depending on its merits. The decision of the scientific committee will be final in deciding merit and mode of presentation. There would be no appeal on the decision of the scientific committee.

  13. Retention Policy. It is the policy of the society that authors will submit a copy of their presentation (slide or poster) during the Congress for the Academy’s retention and subsequent use. Authors are reminded that their presentations must have been cleared in advance for public release.



Appendix ‘A’



Name of Principal Author: ____________________________________________






Email for correspondence




OCCUCON 2018 Registration Receipt Number:


Name of Other authors with designation, address, email and mobile (details may be attached)


S No Name of Authors Designation Address Email Mobile


Key words:


Abstract (Up to 250 words)


If selected, full paper will be submitted to the scientific committee along with brief biodata of presenter


Appendix ‘B’


  1. Certified that the manuscript titled _________contains no matter that is libellous or otherwise unlawful, or invades individual privacy or infringes on any proprietary rights.
  2. All authors certify that they have made substantive and intellectual contributions to the article and assume public responsibility for its content.
  3. It is also certified that none of the material in this manuscript has been published previously or is currently under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  4. It is also certified that all authors are equally responsible for any issues (discrepancy/plagiarism etc) which may arise regarding the manuscript during or after its publication.


Signature of Principal Author






Signature of other Author/s